Why Choosing the Right Child Custody Attorney Important?

Choosing who will get custody of the children during a divorce is one of the trickiest matters. The amount of time a kid spends with each parent is determined by the court after considering a number of factors. The parents’ living arrangements (new romantic partners, appropriate living quarters for a child, environmental issues), their health and habits, their skill and background as primary carers, and other factors will all be considered by the judge. If the youngster is old enough to express their preferences, they also take those into account.

The top Augusta child custody lawyer in Georgia will guide you through this procedure and stand up for what’s right for your family. They will be well-versed in Georgia law and have a strong track record of victory in legal proceedings. They will also have a solid network of counsellors and therapists in the legal field who can help you through this trying period. Together with the child’s evaluator, these attorneys can make sure that an appropriate agreement is made.

Since 1997, Augusta families have benefited from the legal services offered by Smith & Smith Attorneys at Law. A broad range of family-related issues, such as guardianship, custody, visitation, and adoption, are handled by its attorneys. They also help parents going through a divorce make arrangements for monetary support payments. They also assist clients who want to change their current child support orders.

In the Augusta region, the general practice Clayton L. Jolly III Law Firm covers criminal defence and family law matters. With over 30 years of experience in the legal industry, its founder, Clayton L. Jolly, has led the organisation for more than three decades of existence. State, superior, and magistrate courts have heard cases involving civil and probate law from the firm.

Family attorney Bill Davison practices in Evans, Georgia, and has vast experience in both contested and uncontested divorces. He pays close attention to communication and takes the time to understand each client’s particular circumstances. By assessing several aspects such as the child-parent bond and each parent’s health and well-being, he assists them in resolving complicated custody and visitation issues.

In the Augusta region, Fulcher Hagler LLP is a multipractice company with a focus on family law. Its attorneys assist clients with a wide range of legal issues, such as contentious and amicable divorces, custody and visitation conflicts, adoptions by stepparents, legitimation of paternity, alimony, and inheritance rights. They also provide individual and couple mediation services. They have expertise with complicated matters like relocation concerns, deployment conflicts, and custody of children serving in the military. They represent military personnel in divorce procedures within the military. They have offices in Augusta’s downtown. Additionally, North Charleston, South Carolina, is home to their office. They provide nationwide client service. The company’s customer satisfaction rating is very high. They take great satisfaction in being able to cater to the individual needs of their clients and their families. Additionally, they aim to provide the best possible service and professionalism.

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